Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yes I can change my destiny

Here, I would like to quote from Lt. Shree K.S. Krishanmurthy, the founder of KP Paddhati, from his book KP Reader-II.
Page 54
"God will always be alert and giving such wonderful guidance to the astrologer to predict correctly, if those who consult him would have satisfactorily done virtuous deeds in the previous birth. Only those who had committed serious sins in the last birth will be disappointed in this birth in every walk of life. Even able astrologers will have misguiding facts, which they have to use as the basis, so that their calculation will go wrong and their prediction will fail. Probably the chart given to the astrologer may be casted by a quack and may be incorrect. Or the unluckiest querist would have mentioned 16. The astrologer would have misheard it as 60, worked and offered a prediction which failed finally. Mishearing is God`s action, which is due to  the questioner's Karma. Thus, in everything, the divine force will work. God neither gives proper guidance to him nor allows the astrologer to give correct prediction in his case alone, as he was a great sinner and he has to be disappointed in everything, including the prediction of the expert astrologers."
"One can consult any astrologer. Only when the native and the astrologer have favorable time, the astrologer will be able to give correct prediction to him. But, if their time is unfavorable, everything will go wrong and the party cannot have peace of mind. Good actions alone will yield desirable results. Thus, astrology reminds one to do good alone, which will surely offer peace of mind.
This is FATE.
Many a times people complain to me that I have delayed their readings and instead have given the reading for others before them. Today while reading the above quoted para I understand my own dilemma. I am able to provide some readings so readily and quickly because of fate.
Yes it is true that sometimes some feeling/power overtakes to do a reading. In such cases I am helpless and I need to do the reading for that person. May be this is God’s way of letting me help someone who needs help.
WE all know that almost all people get the horoscopes matched for marriages and yet marriages fail. Everyone conducts marriage in the most auspicious time and Lagna yet the marriages do not work out.
Why? Perhaps again it is destiny. Thus the most important question is Can we change Destiny. 
Yes or NO.
Yes we can change our destiny.
Remember friends that God did write everything but in many places he has also written as you wish, as you want, as you do. So we do have leverage and control on our lives. Good wishes, thoughts and actions are therefore necessary. And SEWA can elevate many of the sufferings where everything else fails.
SEWA is the serve or help we can offer to others. SEWA  is usually provided to people  who are suffering similar problems as us but their problems are more acute than our own. It is not easy task, because the problems we have are serious and difficult and sometimes life wrecking too. But when you meet people who have problems similar to us it helps us to see our problems in details. Understanding others difficulties we reflect on our own difficulties and realize what is wrong and what can be done or should not be done. SEWA is like a mirror of our own problems, that is why SEWA is a great successful remedy

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Saturn Transits to Scorpio. How it effects you ?

Today Saturn,  the most dreaded planet has entered Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars is neutral toward anti-movement Saturn
Saturn experiences the aggressive, invasive rashi of Mars a hostile environment Generally, there is a good deal of frustration and delay in this placement due to the counter-active sabotage of aggressive Mars and dispersing Ketu(Co Lord of Scorpio) which combine to cripple the structuring, lawful, carefully time-oriented works of Saturn.
Saturn is the agent of "no-change", conformity, uniformity, non-movement, non-innovation, freeze-up, seize-up, stop. Saturn's rashi shows the environment that He must be situated within, yet He must always resist. Saturn's rashi shows the difficult environment with its features and actors, who create the venue in which Saturn expresses fear, anxiety, and punishment, along with stepwise earning of the privilege to advance in hierarchies and imposition of lawful social order.
In Scorpio, Saturn says "no" to the mysterious, invasive, penetrating, sometimes sneaky, unexpected, disastrous, implosive, catastrophic, emergent, surgical, transformative characteristics of Scorpio. Although Saturn cannot prevent the existence of Scorpio's hidden agitations, its sexual mysteries, or its ability to discover hidden assets, Saturn can prevent these behaviors from moving forward.
Saturn fears invasive movements in Scorpio. Saturn resists penetration. Saturn resists sudden transformations, new identities emerging after catastrophic change. He hates the irregular, the unanticipated, the instinctual, and the sudden - yet these are precisely the actions of Scorpio.
Saturn does His best to deny, withhold, constrain, and restrain action but in Scorpio the rashi of active, competitive, aggressive Mars, lord Saturn feels intimidated and always under attack by a younger, bloodthirsty avenger. Therefore Saturn becomes quite weak in Scorpio. Psychologically, Shanaicarya is always on the defensive. He fears that people are trying to penetrate His inner core, get into His inner sanctum, crowd Him, invade Him, drill into Him. And living in this state of fear wears Saturn down.
Saturn changes its position after every two and half years. Saturn has arrived in Libra after being in Virgo since November 2011. During the transit period, Saturn had underwent retrograde and entered Virgo. After this, it was directed into Libra. If we talk of its present position, it is in Libra and will be in the same position till November 2, 2014.
Due to this, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio will be affected by Saturn Sade Sati. There will also be an influence of Dhaiya(Period of two and a half years) on Cancer and Pisces .
The Impacts of Saturn Transit on each Zodiac Sign
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Aries
During Saturn transit in 2014, you are likely to get benefited by your life-partner. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you will be gaining business profits on a daily basis. If we talk of your fortune, it will produce mixed results, according to horoscope 2014. However, there might be some health issues during the period. As per astrology 2014, familial life, public life and matters related to your mother will witness favorable outputs in 2014.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Taurus
During Saturn transit in 2014, Saturn will be the lord of ninth or tenth house with sixth house. You are likely to get rid of past loans during this transit period, as per 2014 horoscope. Saturn transit 2014 horoscope suggests you to stay cautious in external matters. As per astrology 2014, your health will remain satisfactory during Saturn Gochar or Saturn transit in 2014. You will get success after successive attempts in business, job or paternal issues. Your power will be incremented during this period.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Gemini
For persons belonging to this sign, Saturn transit in 2014 will bring a good transformation. According to predictions 2014, your fortune will get brightened up; you are likely to receive fruitful results for your hard work in studies. Health will remain fine, as predicted by horoscope 2014. This is also a very good time for marital matters, according to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope. However, there might be certain hurdles in financial matters. Your familial matters will produce mixed results.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Cancer
According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, familial matters will experience a favorable time after facing a handful of troubles. As per 2014 horoscope, enemies will be effectless. During this transit period in 2014, matters related to government, job, business, and even issues related to your father, need to be dealt with caution. You are suggested to be very careful and cautious.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Leo
Due to Saturn transit in 2014, planet Saturn will be beneficial for you. As a result, there will be an increment in your courage, says predictions 2014. According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you will get benefits from your friends and partners. As per 2014 horoscope, there might be some troubles in your fate. Hence, you might face obstacles in fortune related matters. External matters will prove to produce mixed results for you.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Virgo
Saturn will be in your second house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Also, it will be the lord of fifth and sixth house. According to Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, this will be beneficial for communicating ability. As per astrology 2014, children will prove to be supportive during Saturn transit in 2014. You are likely to attain success in examinations, as well. However, as predicted by 2014 horoscope, you should be cautious while driving a vehicle. Matters related to income will show mixed outputs.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Libra
Saturn will be the lord of fourth and fifth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, this will cause initiation of new tasks, with its rising influence. You are likely to get benefits from children, mother, property, house, or even the public. You will remain concerned about your life-partner. You will be successful in governmental, business, and professional matters. Your conditions at workplace are likely to be satisfactory.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Scorpio
For Scorpions, Saturn is the lord of third and fourth house, and is transiting in your twelfth house. As per Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you are likely to gain success with an optimum utilization of power and courage. You should take suggestion from your brother while stepping into a crucial task. Familial life will be satisfactory, during Saturn transit in 2014. Astrology 2014 suggests you to stay aloof and alert from your enemies. Saturn Sade Sati will be benefic for you.

Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Sagittarius
Saturn is the lord of second and third house and will transit in your eleventh house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Hence, this is a good time for wealth, family, speech etc. You will get success in saving money. You will get support from your brothers and friends. If you are a student, you are advised to stay cautious and remain concentrated on studies. Health is likely to remain fine.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Capricorn
Saturn is lord of second house and is posited in ascendant of tenth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. This will bring fruitful results of your efforts. Your courage is likely to increase; domestic and monetary matters will be beneficial. You need to stay cautious while dealing with matters related to your mother. Astrology 2014 also advises you to stay careful with real estate issues. Marital life will be of mixed nature.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Aquarius
For Aquarians, Saturn, being the lord of twelfth house and ascendant, is posited in the ninth house. During Saturn transit in 2014, you are likely to be fortunate. Things will turn out to be favorable as your luck favors you. However, as suggested by Saturn transit 2014 horoscope, you should stay cautious with issues associated to your brothers. As per astrology 2014, opponents will not be able to inflict their impacts on you. Health will be fine during Saturn transit in 2014, as per horoscope 2014. Father will be supportive. A tour is on the cards, which may take you abroad as well.
Saturn Transit 2014 Horoscope: Pisces
For natives of sign Pisces, Saturn will be in eighth house, being the lord of eleventh and twelfth house, during Saturn transit in 2014. Hence, you might have to face troubles; although, success will definitely come, gradually. You will get support in external matters. Money will be spent on domestic matters. There will also be an increment in your prestige. Apply discretion to situations during the period of Saturn transit in 2014.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Help, I am cursed!

My Nakshatra is  Aslesa. When I searched about this Nakshatra most of the articles mentioned overwhelmingly negative things about it. I feel cursed.
If my this life is cursed, there is seemingly nothing I can do about this misery.
Please help me . If I cannot help myself then at least I can avoid harming others.

In truth, you are not cursed at all. The idea of a curse is superstitious . The idea of a lifetime curse grants ultimate power to some entity (fate) which stands above (super) the self. I have no patience with superstition and as an educated person I hope that you also eschew this disempowering delusion.
Aslesa belongs to the group of six nakshatra called "Moola" (Azwini, Aslesa, Magha, Jyestha, Mula, and Revati).
Of these six, Aslesa is called the "Sarpa Nakshatra".
Traditionally, birth in Aslesa "the leash" is considered inauspicious due to implications of binding, involuntary holding, snakes, unsavory attachments, and entrapment. Therefore certain rituals are performed 27 days after the birth to eradicate these.
Aslesa is a karmically inherited set of subconscious emotional expectations and partly conscious behaviors. Due to the profundity of its unmet need for holding, soothing embrace (which is a carry-over from previous lives) Aslesa begins life in a state of extreme childhood neediness and develops manipulative skills to attempt to get the physical-emotional needs met.
Unfortunately in the process, Aslesa the Naga may become self-obsessed, "pining for entwining" so that a major portion of the life force may be directed into the behaviors of manipulation, cajoling, and surreptitious quest for embrace.
Aslesa at birth indicates a fixed starting point for the incarnation. However as the native develops a more conscious awareness of the nature of the unmet need and of one's own characteristic but often unsuccessful style of trying to fulfill the need. consciousness gains power and authentic changes in both understanding and behavior may easily be accomplished.
Once the Aslesa"leash" syndrome is brought into sharp and realistic focus, healthy ways of engaging in therapeutic touch can be developed such as healing massage, or working with needy children, or other non-predatory touch modalities.
Every nakshatra indicates the emotional starting point for the incarnation. Permission to move past the starting point into greater emotional health is granted by no outside power. Permission to heal is granted by the self, to the self. In reality, there is no power outside of oneself. The karmic "curse" is largely resolved at the moment of granting  oneself Permission to Heal.
You were born in Aslessa, for a specific and intended spiritual reason, according to the agenda set by your spirit. That is true, you chose Aslesaas a defining start point.Now the question is whether you are willing to grant yourself permission to heal. However freedom requires a conscious decision to move forward. The decision is yours. No one else, no external object, controls the power to seek conscious healing. It can be done Only by you.
The people who talk about curses are themselves victims of the 'spell' of ignorance. All features of the Jyotisha nativity are starting points only. Of course, most people are sleep-walking through their incarnations, caught in a dream-state of vague and shifting desires. These people remain lashed to their starting points. For them, there has been no change since the moment they  were born on this earth.
If you are ready to step out of the dream into a realistic view of Self, the healing change can begin.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Remedies for pacification of Gandmool


The “Ganda “ means “Knot” and the “anta” means “end”. The Zodiac or the path of moon is divided into 12 raashis or int 27 nakshatras.This results in three junction  in the zodiac .
Aries is first sign. Starting from that the sequence is as follows-
Aries,Leo,Sagittarius- (Firey nature)
Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn-(Earthy nature)
Gemini,Libra,Acquarius-(Airy nature)
Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces-(Watery nature)
We all know that fire and water are immical.The border between Aries-Pisces,Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Saggitarius act like danger mark or in otherway it is like a “knot” or “point of junction”. That is why when moon is about to cross the dividing line there or has just crossed it, then it is considered as a warning signal. It is believed that a person born under this situation suffers numerous miseries in life. Since each raashi can be sub divided into nakshatras, so the nakshatras falling at the beginning of Aries/Leo/Saggitarius i.e. Aswini, Magha and Moola and the nakshatras falling at the end of Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces i.e. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati can be trouble causing. But this rule is too general and the pandits make full use of it as a weapon to terrorise the parents of a new born. Since the nakshatra can be further subdivided into 4 padas therefore 4th pada of Revati, Ashlesha, Jyestha and the 1st pada of Ashwini, Magha and Moola should be put into scanner. The first three Ghatis(1 ghati=24 mints) of Ashwini, magha & moola nakshatras and the last five Ghatis before the end of the ashlesha, jyeshtha & revati are important.

Important View points

1.First if birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta while a birth during night is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.
2. The second view is if birth in Revati – Aswini junction it is called Swa (self) –Gandanta, if birth in Ashlesha – Magha junction it is called Matri (mother) Gandanta and if birth in Jyestha – Moola junction it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta.
3. Consideration of Moola-Nivasa (Residence of Moola)
a) In months of Margasirsa, Phalgun, Vaisakha and Jyestha the residence of Moola is in “Patala Loka”
b) In Sravana, Kartika, Chaitra and Pausa the residence of Moola is in Martyu Loka
c) In months of Ashada, Aswina, Bhadra and Magha, the residence of Moola is in Swarga Loka
If birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the Martyu Loka then great evil is indicated. The evil is lesser for the other Loka. Also Movable, Fixed and Dual signs as the (Lagna) are said to give Moola residence of Swarga, Patala and Martyu loka respectively.
4. The number of the Janma Nakshtra is multiplied by three (3). The numbers of birth tithi is recknoed from Sukla Paksha prati pada and the day of birth (as reckoned from Sunday) are added and the sum is divided by eight (8). The remainder indicates the Ganda Dosh .The table below illustrates the effects of the six Nakshtras in each of the four parts(padas).

Name of Nakshtra
Miseries to Native Father
Prosperity to Native
High Position
Honour from Govt.
Benefic for native
Wealth loss of Native
Miseries for Mother/Mother in law
Miseries to father
Miseries to mother
Miseries to father
Prosperous and progress
Miseries to elder brother
Miseries to younger brother
Miseries to mother
Miseries to self
Miseries to Father/Father in law
Miseries to mother
Waste of money
Happiness from Govt.
Happiness to native
Miseries to Native

As per traditions various remedies and rituals need to be performed in case of Gandmool dosha. But the above negative effects will accrue only when other supporting yogas are present in the chart. For example birth on Abhijit muhurat counters the evil effects as per Sage Vashistha. Also, moon in own vargas and aspected by benefics can ward off the ill effects. So, no need to fear when remedies are here!!!

·         Pacification of Gandmool 

·         A Shanti puja should be performed on the 27th day from birth if a child is born in Gandmool Nakshatra.
·         If you are unable to perform this puja on the 27th day, then it should be performed on the day when Moon comes back to the same Nakshatra.
·         You should worship the lord of your birth Nakshatra. This will always benefit you. If you are born in Ashwini, Magha or Mool Nakshatra, you should worship lord Ganesha regularly. People born in these Nakshatras should donate brown clothes or cat’s eye gemstone on a Thursday or Wednesday. Hoisting a flag in a temple is also beneficial.
·         You should worship Mercury if you are born in Ashlesha, Jyeshtha or Rewati Nakshatra. People born in these Nakshatras should donate things like green vegetables, coriander, emerald, bronze utensils or amla. These things should be donated on Wednesday.
 But no remedy should be adopted without consultation with an astrologer. Please feel free to send in your queries.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

What is Gandmool ?

The fear of Gandmool or “Gandants” is highly prevalent in our society. At the time of birth astrologers often terrorize the parents if a child born under certain Nakshatra. It is important to understand the myth and reality.

What is Gandmool ?

When a child takes birth, his/her father goes to an Astrologer to find out the astrological details. Astrologer makes the horoscope and tells important things to native’s father. Sometimes Astrologer says that child has taken birth in Gand Mool Nakshatra.
According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, Nakshatras are the important part of our lives.  Indian Vedic Astrology considers Nakshatra (in which we are born) to be the one of most important aspects of our lives. There are 27 Nakshatras in the zodiac. All the Nakshatras affect human lives as per their astrological importance.
The Nakshatra, in which Moon is placed at the time of birth, is called Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star). Janma Nakshatra has a great significance in our lives. Therefore it is very important to know the effects of Nakshatras on the different aspects of the life like health, wealth, prosperity etc. In general, there are detailed studies on Nakshatras are available in different astrological books but here.

Out of the 27 Nakshatra 6 Nakshatra are  ruled by Mercury and Ketu . These are called Gandmool Nakshatra. They are
 1. Aswani
2. Jyestha
3. Magha
4. Ashlesha
5. Moola and
6. Revati.
These six Nakshatra have been categorized into two parts, Nakshatra of Ketu and Nakshatra of Mercury.The first series of Gandmool Nakshatra consists of Ketu Nakshatra which are Ashwini, Magha and Mool.. The second series of Gandmool Nakshatra consists of three Nakshatra of Mercury which are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Rewati.

If the natal Moon in the horoscope of a child is in one of these Nakshatra, the child is said to be born in Gandmool Nakshatra. According to many astrologers and astrological books the child born in these Nakshatra is inauspicious. They suggest the Shanti Prayog of the Nakshatra after 27 day when same Nakshatra repeats. It is believed that if a child is born in Gandmool Nakshatra, his father should not see his face for 27 days till a Gandmool Shanti puja is performed. Many scholars also believe that Gandmool Shanti for Mercury Nakshatra can be carried out on the 10th or 19th day from the day of birth.

If a native has taken birth in any of these Nakshatra, a Shanti Karma is suggested on the day when same Nakshatra repeats. Shanti Karma may include Shivarchana, Homam for the ruler of Nakshatra and full procedure of Mool Shanti Prayoga. It is suggested that this Shanti Vidhan is quite necessary as an effective remedy to overcome the ill effects of Gandmool Nakshatra.

Some astrologers say that Gandmool is an Astrological myth. I do not agree with them.
 In my experience I found that the native suffered health problems in his childhood if he took birth in these Nakshatra. If a native of Gandmool Nakshatra survives, he is found to be more intelligent compared to other children. We have examples of Saint Tulasidas and Saint Kabir. In addition to this, I have experience of analyzing the horoscopes of Many Gandmool born Natives where I found that if there is any Aristi (Danger to life) in horoscope like Pataki Aristi then native’s Aristi is further intensified by the Gandmool Nakshatra.

In addition there are many other effects of Gandmool. These will be discussed in the Next blog .

Please feel free to ask for any information that you may need.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Transit of Mars and its affect on each Zodiac Sign

There is a lot of planetary movement. This is definitely affecting all of us and many people are just wondering why suddenly things are going a different way. Venus is in transit, partnerships and love life is affected. Then Rahu is in transit which is the doer of sudden things, new plans and sudden success or failures. And then Ketu, the one which makes us do wrong and scatters all that we have gathered. Last but the least now Mars is also changing places. Mars the action planet, it also effects our health, especially temper and blood pressure.
Today itself Mars will be transiting into Libra once again after getting retrograde. It will stay in Libra till September 4 2014. Mars will be joining Rahu and Saturn for a day and then, Rahu will be moving back to Virgo .
Planets exert their true effects when they return to the sign after getting retrograde.
Effects of Mars transit according to Zodiac sign:
1.      Aries: Likely to have problems in personal life.  Although Mars is the ascendant lord, but it will aspect the ascendant. Therefore it can cause heated discussions and maybe some physical abuse, in this period. Work front will be just satisfactory. Avoid argument with life partner as there are chances of separation in your marital life.
2.      Taurus: The seventh lord will be moving to sixth house, showing some differences with the spouse. There will be good work progress and not much to worry about. Just stay cool and don’t be short tempered.
3.      Gemini: You can expect some new friends and monetary gains in this period. There could be some gains from speculations also, but don’t invest until you’re 100% sure. Your spiritual progress may get blocked for some time.
4.      Cancer: Work front will be good, but health can give you troubles, particularly blood pressure. Take care of it properly.
5.      Leo: Luck will be with you. You will outperform others. There will be name and fame coming to you. Enemies will be demolished.
6.      Virgo: You may be hit by a sharp object on face or near thighs such as a pointed end of a table. You may use foul language and quarrel with family members.
7.      Libra: Many of the Librans are going through a rough patch in their personal lives. If any legal issues, they would progress and perhaps be settled before Mars leaves Libra or by  November 2
8.      Scorpio: Extra efforts will be required from your side to get things done in time and shape. You will feel dejected many times and will want to throw away it all. But don’t worry and keep working. Some problems in personal life will come, but will be negligible.
9.      Sagittarius: You need to control your behavior. One just cannot do everything by using force or shouting. There are good indications as far as profession is concerned. You may think of changing your job.
10.    Capricorn: A good Yoga of ascendant lord and 11 th lord in 10 th house will be formed. It will promote you further in your goals. Saturn will become direct in July itself, so you will find that many things will get accomplished by September-October. This is a good transit for you.
11.    Aquarius: The same good Yoga of 10 th lord and ascendant lord will be formed in 9 th house, but it will not be much beneficial. There will be undue expenses and dejection at many fronts, because Saturn rules the 12 th house also. It will still be a better time than what you have been going through, till now. You are likely to be inclined towards religion and spirituality.
12.    Pisces: There may be some sudden losses and defamation caused by your own lazy attitude. Siblings may give problems to you. There could be some indirect gains through illegal or immoral means.
So, this was all I had for Mars transit in Libra. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Teej-------the festival of eternal love

Teej, the festival of women enjoying themselves in beautiful green surroundings, swinging the swings and playing around laughing. That is the picture which comes to our minds when we hear the word Teej. It is a festival about which not many people know and why we celebrate it.
Hariyali Teej is an occasion which defines an eternal bond of love and togetherness. It is a time to express an unconditional bond of trust and dedication towards your beloved. 
This Shravani Teej is here , don’t forget to express your emotions and feelings towards your beloved.
The date for beautiful Hariyali Teej in 2014 is July 30. It is a day even Goddesses restrained themselves in order to get their beloved. Observe a fast on Hariyali Teej and get blessed by Almighty!
Hariyali Teej 2014
Teej is an important Hindu festival. We celebrate four major types of Teej namely  Akha Teej, Kajari Teej, Hartalika Teej, and most importantly, Hariyali Teej.
In India, Hariyali Teej is also known as Chhoti Teej, Shravani Teej, Hari Tritiya, Singhara Teej, and Madhusrava Tritiya. These names vary from region to region. Hariyali Teej holds a lot of significance for the people all around the country.
The Hindi word “Hariyali” means ‘greenery’, which signifies growth and prosperity. Thus, Hariyali teej marks the celebration of greenery and growth.
As per the Hindu calendar, Hariyali Teej is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight phase) in the Shravan month. The festival of Hariyali Teej gains more significance, as it is celebrated in the auspicious month of Sawan, which is the divine month of Lord Shiva.
On the day of Singhara Teej (or Haryali Teej), ladies all around the country observe a fast. This is popularly known as Teej Vrat (fast).
Hariyali Teej 2014: Significance Of Hariyali Teej
Hariyali Teej in India holds a lot of significance for the devotees of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On the day of Haryali Teej, married women observe Haryali Teej Vrat for the long life and wellbeing of their husbands. Women dress up elegantly with Bindi (decorative mark on forehead), Sindoor (vermilion), bangles, Mehendi (Henna tattoo), and other Shringar items (adornment items symbolizing marital status). This is the reason that this Teej  is popularly known as Singhara Teej.
If we talk about it symbolically, it is believed that women are asking Maa Parvati to bless them for a blissful married life. On the other hand, unmarried females observe the Teej Vrat in order to get the desired man of their life.
It is believed that by observing the Teej Vrat, one’s desires get fulfilled. So, this year on Haryali Teej, observe the Teej Vrat for the fulfillment of your wishes.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Legend of Singhara Teej Festival
As per the legend of Singhara Teej, this festival is celebrated to commemorate the divine relation between Parvati-Shiva. Goddess Parvati used to admire Lord Shiva and wanted to be His wife. Hence, Goddess Parvati prayed to Lord Shiva with full devotion and dedication for many years.
Finally, Goddess Parvati was accepted by Lord Shiva as his wife in her 108th birth. Since then, the festival of Hariyali Teej is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, who is also known as ‘Teej Mata’ in northern part of the country.
The day of Hariyali Teej marks the divine union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, and this day is observed as a token for this occurrence.
In some of the Hindu communities, Singhara Teej symbolizes the eternal bond of unconditional love between Radha and Lord Krishna.
During this Hariyali Teej in 2014, don’t forget to worship Lord Shiva, Maa Parvati along with Lord Krishna and her beloved Radha.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Rituals of Singhara Teej
As any other Hindu festival, Shravani Teej or Singhara Teej is observed with lots of devotion and some mandatory rituals. This Hariyali Teej in 2014, don’t forget to follow these rituals in order to attain the blessings of Goddess Parvati.
1.      Married women across the country observe a fast (Teej vrat) from morning till evening. This fast is observed for a blissful and happy married life. During this Teej Vrat, females do not consume water nor do they eat anything.
2.      On the occasion of Hariyali Teej, women worship the Moon (Chandra Bhagwan). Offerings of milk, sweets, curd, and homemade food are made in honor of Moon Lord.
3.      It is believed that unmarried females, who observe a fast on the day of Haryali Teej, get the desired man of their life.
4.      Special devotional songs are sung in the name of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
5.      Married females dress up applying all the Shringara, including the most important ritual for applying Mehendi.
6.      Newly married females are gifted Shringara items, new clothes, and jewelry by mother-in law.
7.      Females who are about to get married, receiving gifts from would be in-laws.
8.      Special Pujas are held in the name of Lord Krishna and Radha, at the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan.
These are some of the important rituals that are followed during the Hariyali Teej festival. Now, let’s take a look at how Hariyali Teej will be celebrated in 2014.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Celebrations of Singhara Teej
The celebration of Hariyali Teej varies from region to region. This Hariyali Teej in 2014, we all will witness the same festivity throughout the country.
Women across the country wear green color clothes like green Lehengas (traditional wear), suits, and sarees on this occasion. Haryali Teej is observed in the month of Sawan, which is considered to be a festive month. Sawan is the time when showers from the Almighty are received in the form of rains and beautiful flowers. Women wear green bangles and apply Mehendi (Henna) as a sign of healthy marriage. Married or unmarried females enjoy the festivity of Hariyali Teej and look forward to receive the blessings from Almighty.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Celebrations in Gujarat
Hariyali Teej is a festival which leaves no exceptions. All the married and unmarried females wear their traditional clothes and organize a special Garba dance. Garba actually refers to an earthen pot, which symbolizes the source of life on earth. On Haryali Teej, women dance around the Garba Women carry ethnic pots on their head and sing devotional songs to impress Goddess Parvati, who is popularly known as ‘Teej Mata’ in Rajasthan.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Celebrations In Rajasthan
Hariyali Teej in Rajasthan holds a special significance for the people residing in this place. Be it females, males, or small children, no one can escape from the festivity of Shravani Teej.
The festival of Teej in Rajasthan is a two -day affair. During this time, processions of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are taken out on the streets. The idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati are named as Gangaur and Teej Mata, respectively. Another name given to the Haryali Teej festival is ‘Gangaur’.
Special sweets, especially Ghevar (oriental dish of Rajasthan), are prepared and offered to Lord Shiva and Teej Mata. Special Hariyali Teej songs and dances are organized. Special attraction for women is swinging on the swings while they sing romantic songs just like in the Hollywood movies.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Celebrations In Maharashtra
During the Hariyali Teej, females wear green colored bangles, green clothes, golden Bindis and Kajal for luck. On the day of Shravani Teej, beautifully painted coconuts are distributed to the family members of women.
Fresh fruit and green vegetables are offered to the Goddess Parvati. This is a gesture of thanks-giving and asking for the goddess’ blessings. Various delicacies are cooked on the occasion of Haryali Teej.
Hariyali Teej 2014: Celebrations In Vrindavan
The real festivity of Hariyali Teej is seen on the streets and temples of Vrindavan. At the time of Hariyali Teej, swings are hung in the temples of Vrindavan. This religious ceremony is popularly known as 'Jhullan Leela'. Devotional songs are chanted in the 'Banke Bihari' temple devoted in the name of Lord Krishna. During Haryali Teej, Leelas (tales) of Radha and Shri Krishna are narrated to the devotees who visit the temple on Haryali Teej.
On the occasion of Hariyali Teej or Singhara Teej, the gates of Radha-Krishna temples are opened. The idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are well decorated with beautiful and attractive clothes, and real gold jewelry.
One of the biggest and main attractions during Haryali teej festival is that of the gold ornamented swing made for Lord Krishna and Radha. Special prayers are offered during this time, post which, holy water is sprinkled on all the worshipers. This spraying of water depicts the arrival of monsoon.
Devotees from all across the country and globe visit Vrindavan at the time of Hariyali Teej in order to witness this auspicious event and seek the blessings of Lord Krishna.