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Remedies for pacification of Gandmool


The “Ganda “ means “Knot” and the “anta” means “end”. The Zodiac or the path of moon is divided into 12 raashis or int 27 nakshatras.This results in three junction  in the zodiac .
Aries is first sign. Starting from that the sequence is as follows-
Aries,Leo,Sagittarius- (Firey nature)
Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn-(Earthy nature)
Gemini,Libra,Acquarius-(Airy nature)
Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces-(Watery nature)
We all know that fire and water are immical.The border between Aries-Pisces,Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Saggitarius act like danger mark or in otherway it is like a “knot” or “point of junction”. That is why when moon is about to cross the dividing line there or has just crossed it, then it is considered as a warning signal. It is believed that a person born under this situation suffers numerous miseries in life. Since each raashi can be sub divided into nakshatras, so the nakshatras falling at the beginning of Aries/Leo/Saggitarius i.e. Aswini, Magha and Moola and the nakshatras falling at the end of Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces i.e. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati can be trouble causing. But this rule is too general and the pandits make full use of it as a weapon to terrorise the parents of a new born. Since the nakshatra can be further subdivided into 4 padas therefore 4th pada of Revati, Ashlesha, Jyestha and the 1st pada of Ashwini, Magha and Moola should be put into scanner. The first three Ghatis(1 ghati=24 mints) of Ashwini, magha & moola nakshatras and the last five Ghatis before the end of the ashlesha, jyeshtha & revati are important.

Important View points

1.First if birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta while a birth during night is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.
2. The second view is if birth in Revati – Aswini junction it is called Swa (self) –Gandanta, if birth in Ashlesha – Magha junction it is called Matri (mother) Gandanta and if birth in Jyestha – Moola junction it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta.
3. Consideration of Moola-Nivasa (Residence of Moola)
a) In months of Margasirsa, Phalgun, Vaisakha and Jyestha the residence of Moola is in “Patala Loka”
b) In Sravana, Kartika, Chaitra and Pausa the residence of Moola is in Martyu Loka
c) In months of Ashada, Aswina, Bhadra and Magha, the residence of Moola is in Swarga Loka
If birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the Martyu Loka then great evil is indicated. The evil is lesser for the other Loka. Also Movable, Fixed and Dual signs as the (Lagna) are said to give Moola residence of Swarga, Patala and Martyu loka respectively.
4. The number of the Janma Nakshtra is multiplied by three (3). The numbers of birth tithi is recknoed from Sukla Paksha prati pada and the day of birth (as reckoned from Sunday) are added and the sum is divided by eight (8). The remainder indicates the Ganda Dosh .The table below illustrates the effects of the six Nakshtras in each of the four parts(padas).

Name of Nakshtra
Miseries to Native Father
Prosperity to Native
High Position
Honour from Govt.
Benefic for native
Wealth loss of Native
Miseries for Mother/Mother in law
Miseries to father
Miseries to mother
Miseries to father
Prosperous and progress
Miseries to elder brother
Miseries to younger brother
Miseries to mother
Miseries to self
Miseries to Father/Father in law
Miseries to mother
Waste of money
Happiness from Govt.
Happiness to native
Miseries to Native

As per traditions various remedies and rituals need to be performed in case of Gandmool dosha. But the above negative effects will accrue only when other supporting yogas are present in the chart. For example birth on Abhijit muhurat counters the evil effects as per Sage Vashistha. Also, moon in own vargas and aspected by benefics can ward off the ill effects. So, no need to fear when remedies are here!!!

·         Pacification of Gandmool 

·         A Shanti puja should be performed on the 27th day from birth if a child is born in Gandmool Nakshatra.
·         If you are unable to perform this puja on the 27th day, then it should be performed on the day when Moon comes back to the same Nakshatra.
·         You should worship the lord of your birth Nakshatra. This will always benefit you. If you are born in Ashwini, Magha or Mool Nakshatra, you should worship lord Ganesha regularly. People born in these Nakshatras should donate brown clothes or cat’s eye gemstone on a Thursday or Wednesday. Hoisting a flag in a temple is also beneficial.
·         You should worship Mercury if you are born in Ashlesha, Jyeshtha or Rewati Nakshatra. People born in these Nakshatras should donate things like green vegetables, coriander, emerald, bronze utensils or amla. These things should be donated on Wednesday.
 But no remedy should be adopted without consultation with an astrologer. Please feel free to send in your queries.

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What is Gandmool ?

The fear of Gandmool or “Gandants” is highly prevalent in our society. At the time of birth astrologers often terrorize the parents if a child born under certain Nakshatra. It is important to understand the myth and reality.

What is Gandmool ?

When a child takes birth, his/her father goes to an Astrologer to find out the astrological details. Astrologer makes the horoscope and tells important things to native’s father. Sometimes Astrologer says that child has taken birth in Gand Mool Nakshatra.
According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, Nakshatras are the important part of our lives.  Indian Vedic Astrology considers Nakshatra (in which we are born) to be the one of most important aspects of our lives. There are 27 Nakshatras in the zodiac. All the Nakshatras affect human lives as per their astrological importance.
The Nakshatra, in which Moon is placed at the time of birth, is called Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star). Janma Nakshatra has a great significance in our lives. Therefore it is very important to know the effects of Nakshatras on the different aspects of the life like health, wealth, prosperity etc. In general, there are detailed studies on Nakshatras are available in different astrological books but here.

Out of the 27 Nakshatra 6 Nakshatra are  ruled by Mercury and Ketu . These are called Gandmool Nakshatra. They are
 1. Aswani
2. Jyestha
3. Magha
4. Ashlesha
5. Moola and
6. Revati.
These six Nakshatra have been categorized into two parts, Nakshatra of Ketu and Nakshatra of Mercury.The first series of Gandmool Nakshatra consists of Ketu Nakshatra which are Ashwini, Magha and Mool.. The second series of Gandmool Nakshatra consists of three Nakshatra of Mercury which are Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Rewati.

If the natal Moon in the horoscope of a child is in one of these Nakshatra, the child is said to be born in Gandmool Nakshatra. According to many astrologers and astrological books the child born in these Nakshatra is inauspicious. They suggest the Shanti Prayog of the Nakshatra after 27 day when same Nakshatra repeats. It is believed that if a child is born in Gandmool Nakshatra, his father should not see his face for 27 days till a Gandmool Shanti puja is performed. Many scholars also believe that Gandmool Shanti for Mercury Nakshatra can be carried out on the 10th or 19th day from the day of birth.

If a native has taken birth in any of these Nakshatra, a Shanti Karma is suggested on the day when same Nakshatra repeats. Shanti Karma may include Shivarchana, Homam for the ruler of Nakshatra and full procedure of Mool Shanti Prayoga. It is suggested that this Shanti Vidhan is quite necessary as an effective remedy to overcome the ill effects of Gandmool Nakshatra.

Some astrologers say that Gandmool is an Astrological myth. I do not agree with them.
 In my experience I found that the native suffered health problems in his childhood if he took birth in these Nakshatra. If a native of Gandmool Nakshatra survives, he is found to be more intelligent compared to other children. We have examples of Saint Tulasidas and Saint Kabir. In addition to this, I have experience of analyzing the horoscopes of Many Gandmool born Natives where I found that if there is any Aristi (Danger to life) in horoscope like Pataki Aristi then native’s Aristi is further intensified by the Gandmool Nakshatra.

In addition there are many other effects of Gandmool. These will be discussed in the Next blog .

Please feel free to ask for any information that you may need.